Division of Labour

So, now I have a blog. Thanks for reading it.

In case you were wondering why there are two people in the banner photo:

– on the right… that’s me. Between May and July this year, I’ll mostly be:

  • Walker
  • Photographer
  • Blogger, and hopefully
  • Raiser of Funds

– on the left… that’s Tasha, my wife. She’ll mostly be:

  • Breadwinner (working as an Assistive Technology Trainer – teaching students with disabilities to use specialised software and hardware to help with their studies. In an average week she has 8-10 training sessions and drives 300-500 miles)
  • Domestic Goddess (abandoned in a half-renovated house)
  • Administrator
  • Head of Logistics
  • Delivery Driver
  • Cheerleader
  • Shepherdess of Supporters
  • Weekend Co-Walker
  • Site Foreman
  • Motivator
  • Best Friend
  • Helpline Agent
  • Paramedic

I will be very lucky if she still loves me by August.

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